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Course Orientation -

A152114 Course Orientation.pdf — PDF document, 569Kb

Cross Presentation of Personal Data -

A1-52114 Cross Presentation Exercise.pdf — PDF document, 14Kb

Developing National Action Plans -

A1-52114 National Action Plan Format.pdf — PDF document, 8Kb

Dealing with Vulnerable Groups of Workers under Labour Inspection -

A152114 - Dealing with vulnerable groups of workers under labour inspection.pdf — PDF document, 101Kb

Some Initiatives for Promoting Compliance -

A152114 - Some Initiatives for Promoting Compliance.pdf — PDF document, 90Kb

Inspection of Working Conditions -

A152114 Inspection of Working Conditions.pdf — PDF document, 101Kb

Introduction to Labour Administration and Labour Inspection -

A152114 Introduction to labour inspection.pdf — PDF document, 113Kb

Gender Mainstreaming in Labour Administration & Labour Inspection -

A152114 Mainstreaming Gender Equality in LALI.pdf — PDF document, 95Kb

Overview of ILO Conventions and Recommendation on Labour Inspection -

A152114 Overview of ILO Cons & Recs on Lab Inspec.pdf — PDF document, 95Kb

Promoting Safety and Health at Work -

A152114 Promoting Safety and Health at Work.pdf — PDF document, 108Kb

Social Dialogue and Tripartism: Modalities for effective Labour Inspection -

Social Dialogue and Tripartism - Modalities for effective IL.pdf — PDF document, 94Kb

Conclusions and Recommendations for Future Action -

A1-52114 Workshop Conclusions and Recommendation Exercise.pdf — PDF document, 8Kb

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