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Course Description

1. Description of Course


The Workers' Activities Programme (ACTRAV) of the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization (ITC-ILO) is organizing a course on the use of information technology for trade unions. The course will help build the capacity of trade unions in developing countries to use microcomputers, computer communications and the World Wide Web. Organizations which participate in the course will be eligible for free computer software designed for union work and the hosting of Web sites without charge. Participants in the course will be able to earn the International Computer Drivers' License (ICDL) which is a internationally-recognized certificate.


The course will take place in Mombassa, Kenya from Monday, February 8th to Friday, 18th, 2010.


2. Long-term Objective


The long-term objectives of the course are to improve the capacity of trade unions to adopt and use computer technologies. These technologies can be used for building organizational effectiveness, communicating with union members, recruiting new members, maintaining union accounting systems, and publicize the union's issues to the general public and more. By building the organization capacities of unions the course will contribute to the growth of social dialogue and tripartism.


3. Immediate objectives


The immediate objective of the course is to provide training for a union staff member who can act as a focal point for information technology, understand new trends in technology and organize the development of a World Wide Web site.


The course curriculum will be conducted according to the syllabus of the International Computer Driver's License. The License is a certificate which testifies that its holder has been trained in the use of computer technology. It is recognized by governments, employers and labour organizations.


By having a person who has an ICDL certificate, unions will be eligible for free software which can be used for databases of member information, research, document production, newsletter creation, and other operations. In addition, unions who have staff members trained by ACTRAV will be eligible to have free hosting of World Wide Web sites. These sites can be used to provide information about the union to its members and the general public.


4. Course Content


The follow-up activity will review the following modules that were delivered via distance education:


  • Module 1: Concepts of information and communication technology

  • Module 2: Using the computer and managing files

  • Module 3: Word processing

  • Module 4: Spreadsheets

  • Module 5: Databases

  • Module 6: Presentation

  • Module 7: Databases


The ICDL Examination will be executed the second week of the course and supervised by the Institute of Advanced Technology in Mombassa, Kenya. It will be conducted for each of the modules during the residential session.


5. Training Material


Preparatory training material will be furnished via email to participants in due time before the follow-up training activity.


6. Course Participants


Course participants must be full or part-time staff members or officers of the labour organization. They must be 45 years or under. And, in keeping with the gender equality policies of the ILO, organizations are asked to especially consider the nomination of women.


All participants should be in a position to continue acting as an IT resource person or focal point in the organization after the course.


7. Language


The follow-up activity will be conducted in English.


8. Workers' Activities Programme (ACTRAV)


It is essential that unions train their members, leaders and staff in order to strengthen their organizations. Because of the involvement of trade unions in an increasing number of social and economic issues in recent years, it has become even more vital for unions to continue and expand their training activities.


The Bureau for Workers' Activities (ACTRAV-Geneva) is aimed at strengthening representative, independent and democratic trade union in all countries. It does this to enable them to play their role effectively in protecting workers' rights and interests and in providing effective services to their members at national and international level


Through the delivery of advanced training courses, the production of training material for residential and online education, advisory services, and specific projects, the Programme for Workers' Activities of the International Training Centre of the ILO (ACTRAV-Turin) is designed to respond to the changing training needs of workers' organizations.


The Programme's activities are organized within five categories of training activities and services:


  1. Specialized residential training courses at the ILO Turin Centre. Curricula for these training courses are developed in line with the ILO's strategic objectives, equality and gender relations and training methodology for residential/on-line education. The ILO's major strategic objectives are:


  • International Labour Standards

  • Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work

  • Employment

  • Social protection and Social dialogue


  1. Follow-up seminars and training activities developed jointly with ACTRAV staff in the regions. For example, follow-up seminars are carried out in order to assess the contribution of the Programme for Workers' Activities in achieving its development objectives in the area of training and also provide advanced training.

  2. The development of online education for workers' organizations.

  3. Training of ACTRAV staff.

  4. The delivery of services, mainly in the area of training assistance to labour organizations


More information on the Programme for Workers' Activities of the International Training Centre of the ILO (ACTRAV Turin) is available at the following Internet address:



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