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In this folder you will find nine thematic areas, which represent the most relevant issues on the debate concerning Global Supply Chains (GSCs). Once you enter in one of these areas, you will have the opportunity to access to two kinds of resource materials: Powerpoint presentations and Support materials. The available material will guide you in developing and implementing your own workshops within your organization. The on-line material is based on previous ACTRAV's activities (training courses, workshops, Symposium) and other support catalogues (Handbooks, Publications, Working papers, Booklets) connected with GSCs. Together with the thematic areas, you will find a folder entitled "How to design a session / policy discussion on GSCs", which contains some selected documents (general guide, course description, work plan template and a guide note) designed to give you the knowledge for preparing a policy discussion and action plan on GSCs. In this folder, there are three timetables for suggested activities covering one, two or three days. The overall idea is to offer a wide range of tools to choose and build your own activities, according to the time and resources available in your workers' organization. Finally you will find the "Current research" and "Bibliography" sections, containing reports and publications made by key actors (Global Unions, academics and researchers) on themes linked with supply chains with a global and national perspective.

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