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<HTML><head><TITLE>International Labour Standards on social policy and cooperatives</title>
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<TABLE WIDTH="90%" BORDER="0" align="center">
    <TD> <H2 align="center"><font color="#7D6241">Social policy and cooperatives</font></H2>
      <DIV ALIGN="LEFT"> 
          <div align="center"><FONT COLOR="#2C3568"><EM> Most ILO instruments 
            deal with a well-defined, specific subject. However, in 1962 the Conference 
            adopted a Convention concerning basic aims and standards of social 
            policy</EM></FONT> <br>
<table width="90%" border="1" align="center" cellpadding="5">
  <tr valign="top"> 
    <td><a href="C117_socialpolicy_1962.htm">Social Policy 
      (Basic Aims and Standards) Convention, 1962 (No. 117) </a></td>
    <td> Not only lays down the principle that all policies are to be directed 
      primarily to the well-being and development of the population, but also 
      contain the essence of a number of other basic international labour standards 
      regarding, for example, wage rates, the protection of wages, freedom from 
      discrimination, the minimum age of admission to employment, and education.</td>
  <tr valign="top"> 
    <td><a href="R127_cooperatives_1966.htm">Co-operatives 
      (Developing Countries) Recommendation, 1966 (No. 127)</a></td>
    <td>Suggests that the establishment and growth of co-operatives should be 
      regarded as one of the important instruments for economic, social and cultural 
      development, as well as human advancement, in developing countries. Hence, 
      national policy should encourage the establishment and development of co-operatives. 
      Methods such as appropriate legislation, education and training, and financial 
      and administrative assistance are suggested. It also suggests methods for 
      supervising co-operatives and the implementation of policies promoting them.</td>
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