Code of Conduct and Framework Agreements

1. Code of Conduct

  International Trade Union Movement and New Codes (.htm)
  New Code of Conduct and Social Partnership (.htm)
  Guide to Code of Conduct (by UNI) (.pdf)
  Workers' Tool or PR Ploy? - a guide to codes of international labour practice (.pdf)

2. Framework Agreements

  ICEM - Anglogold (.html)
  ICEM - Endesa (.html)
  ICEM - Eni (.html)
  ICEM - Freudenberg (.html)
  ICEM - Lukoil (.html)
  ICEM - Norske (.html)
  ICEM - SCA (.pdf)
  ICEM - Statoil (.html)
  IFBWW - Ballast Nedam (.html)
  IFBWW - Faber Castell (.html)
  IFBWW - Hochtier (.html)
  IFBWW - IKEA (.html)
  IFBWW - Skanska (.html)
  IFBWW Model Agreement (.rtf)
  IFBWW Strategy on MNCs (.rtf)
  IMF - Daimler Chrysler (.pdf)
  IMF - Leoni (.pdf)
  IMF - Merloni Elettrodomesti (.pdf)
  IMF - Volkswagen (.pdf)
  IMF Leaflet on Framework Agreement (.pdf)
  IUF - Accor (.doc)
  IUF - BSN [Declaration] [Training Agreement] [Economic Info] (.doc)
  IUF - ClubMed (.doc)
  IUF - Colsiva (.pdf)
  IUF - Danon (.doc)
  IUF - Fonterra (.pdf)
  UNI - Carrefour (.html)
  UNI - HM (.pdf)
  UNI - ISS (.pdf)
  UNI - OME/OTE (.html)
  UNI - Telefonica (.html)

3. ILO Paper

  Working Paper on IUF-Colsiva Agreement (.pdf)